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The Tell-All Guide
to Hiring (and Keeping) the Right Nanny For Your Family
Greta Hau

About Me

All the Things that Nannies Wish Parents Knew... 

You don’t have to spend hours googling how to find the right nanny, how to find a payroll system and what to do when your nanny calls in sick. As a professional nanny myself I’ve seen how impactful nanny-family relationships are in the lives of the children in care, the nanny, and parents. 

An Insider’s Guide to the Nanny Hiring Process

When you hire a nanny you not only choose someone to help you raise your children, you become an employer. Entering into this working relationship comes with nuances and industry standard that you may not be aware of., that's where Finding Your Poppins comes in. Finding Your Poppins is your go-to guide for nanny hiring and employing. It's a companion to support you when making the important decision of deciding who to care for your children.

I’ve Got You.

You don't have to navigate the hiring and employing process along.

I want families to have long-lasting, positive relationships with their nannies AND I want nannies to feel seen, appreciated and respected in their roles, because I know firsthand that doing so leads to less burnout and longevity in our role. Finding Your Poppins is here to walk you through this journey, to support you in finding an incredible nanny and fostering a positive, long-term relationship with them. 

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From a Nanny with Love

Professional nanny of nearly a decade, advocate for caregivers, and champion of the belief that “it takes a village,” I don’t believe we have to do this alone. I am passionate about the caregiving industry as I’ve spent much of my professional career in it.


Throughout my career I’ve learned the ins and outs of the industry and have seen the lack of support and education for parents in this area. As I’ve learned to advocate for myself in my nanny roles, I’ve become passionate about sharing the nanny perspective with parents so they can better understand how to be excellent employers.


I believe the key to longevity in a nanny’s role is the relationship with the parents that employ them. I see nannying as a sacred and special role- to support parents in raising their children is an honor. 


Beta Reader

““Poppins is a fantastic book. I feel privileged to have been an early reader. Thank you for writing a book that fills what is so clearly a void in the nanny search endeavor”"

Beta Reader

"“I loved that the book was approachable and easy to digest - not too long and practical."

Beta Reader

“I would love for my pregnant friends to have this available now and can't wait for it to be published so I can refer them to it.”
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